Washington Sidewalk, Crib Quilt

Washington Sidewalk, Crib Quilt

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Washington Sidewalk

Unidentified Quilt Maker
Circa 1910
38 x 52 inches
Found in Michigan
Excellent Condition


This small quilt has a terrific show of fabrics available and popular around the turn of the twentieth century, 1890-ish to around 1920, ~ when dye technology allowed for brighter, more pastel colors. (Think "Grandmother's Flower Garden" quilts.)

The design is called "Washington Sidewalk" ~ this one made with a variety of printed fabrics. The border, of alternating light and dark "wedges," finishes this little piece with charm and movement.

A great size for hanging, at 38 x 52 inches, this was probably originally meant as a crib quilt, or perhaps one to cover your lap on a chilly day.

Hand quilted and original (not cut down) -- it remains in Excellent Condition, to be used, of course, as you see fit.